Apitropik was created in 2014 by Alex Filiatreau | @alex_filiatreau
For projects in France in the team we have Mathilde Lacaze

We work in Spain, France and beyond with other professionals. Great, enthusiastic professionals who inspire us and have won our admiration.

We walked our eyes closed with them: the entire Ilios Network family of which Alex Filiatreau is part of and shares many adventures, Irune Jimenez and Eider Aldape (Maraka), Nerea Marquez (Ojo Buey), Leire Perez Arkaitz Arco and Juan Carboneras (Gauzak) , Charlotte Schoeffler (In-motion), the crew of the Nodriza Nave, Ero Martinez, Paul San Sebastian and Oier Marigil (Loyolanet), Breaking Molds and Panarama Audiovisual Producer.