[title size=»1″]Qualitative inquiry among users and trend detection[/title] [single_image img_url=»https://apitropik.com/wp-content/uploads/japoneses1.jpg» img_alt=»qualitative_inquiry » fx_effect=»fade»] 

Inquiry and observation in the field is the starting point of our people-centered innovation process. Users’ behaviors and patterns of interaction are ever changing, which means that we have to be familiar with them, so that we can anticipate them and adapt. The studies we offer provide the opportunity to find new ways and new development models.

We design ad hoc inquiries which take our clients’ objectives into account and provide solutions. We explore, discover and draw knowledge from the users’ motivation and the actual use that they make of the products or services, based on their behavior.

We provide our client with a practical overview offering leads and solutions which, from our point of view, are always surprising. We present this overview during a “co-creation” session where, jointly with the client, we discover, understand, and design new development and implementation courses for the new project.


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