We ALL* think like designers

*clients, users, stakeholders

Our work with clients and users is based on the Design Thinking approach that puts people center-stage, and accentuates exploration… because how we do things is what makes us different. [br]

[project_section color=»white-background» container=»normal»][one_half last=»no» text_align=»text-align-left»][service icon=»fa fa-compass» title=»WE REALLY EXPLORE» position=»left» fx_effect=»fade-from-left»] When it comes to investigating, we focus on users’ «whys» and «hows». Quantitative criteria (age, gender, origin) aren’t enough to tune into users properly. You have to put yourself into their shoes as users and delve into their underlying needs. And that’s where you’ll find us – in a bank, pizzeria or luxury apartment.[/service][service icon=»fa fa-eye» title=»WE HAVE A CREATIVE EYE» position=»left» fx_effect=»fade-from-left»] Our energy and creativity are the nourishment we tap to open strings of opportunities and come up with ground-breaking and surprising ideas.[/service][/one_half][one_half last=»yes» text_align=»text-align-left»][service icon=»fa fa-briefcase» title=»WE ARE PROFESSIONALS» position=»left» fx_effect=»fade-from-left»] Although we have specialized in Design Research, we are first and foremost Strategic and Service Designers. We want to be in on the adventure in its entirety, add the user’s perspective from the exploration stage through to implementation. Customer Journey Maps and other results just kick off the innovation process. [/service][service icon=»fa fa-refresh» title=»WE’RE ALL ACTION» position=»left» fx_effect=»fade-from-left»] Stirring things up by explorations and hands-on, high-powered and disruptive sessions.[/service][/one_half][/project_section]

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