Product design

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A product is generally designed further to technological innovation, with special care taken as to its appearance, its ergonomics, and its features./span> Imagine what could happen if, in addition, experience with the product was taken into account, as well as the product’s background?

[list_styles size=»normal»][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»] What could happen were we to be centered on the context in which the product is used, and not solely on the use made of it? [/list_style][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»]What are these contexts of use?[/list_style][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»] What do users feel and experience? [/list_style][/list_styles]

Observing and understanding the users is an investment. When this is done beforehand, the product can be adapted to the users’ needs and it can prevent disappointments from appearing during the design phase or later. Besides, understanding users is a source of inspiration which helps to innovate around the product. Innovation opportunities are the starting point for new design briefings.

The design of the product is imbedded in a context, we define its background as though it were an ecosystem, we observe user profiles though an empathetic approach of the spontaneous use they make of the product in order to detect and interpret their habits

Based on the results, we implement new concepts and novel development models.

Hence we can:  design and redesign a product, improve or add value to the user’s experience, generate new business models around the product, define what messages are to be delivered, how this is to be done and which segments are to be targeted.


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