Service design

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Nowadays, everything comes as a package deal. You may be interested in a service, but:

[list_styles size=»normal»][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»]What if you are not paid enough attention to? [/list_style][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»]What if you do not find the information you require or if it is simply not the right information?[/list_style][list_styles size=»normal»][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»]What if it does not fully suit your needs?[/list_style][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»] What happens beforehand and afterwards?[/list_style][list_style icon=»fa fa-arrow-right»]Is you experience with this service positive in the end?[/list_style][/list_styles]

A service implies relationships, a global experience. It is fundamental that a homogenous experience which makes sense be designed. The user must be at the heart of the experience in order to enhance it.

It is crucial to take the users’ needs into account, to define and describe interactions and contacts (places, things, machines, and people) so as to understand the service’s background.

We help companies and organizations innovate. We provide creative enhancements to existing services and imagine and design new services.

Our working process spans a range from investigation in the field to the implementation of the project.


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